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byTun has created a unique beauty ritual which sublimates hair in three steps by bathing, treating, and texturising it using proven application techniques.

This simple three-step programme, in combination with with Kérastase treatments, introduces women to a new hair-routine, which they can then continue at home so as to unleash their hair’s full potential progressively over time.

byTun Women


The first step of the ritual, the bath with its accompanying gestures, melting texture, subtle perfume, and scalp massage, prepare scalp and hair to receive the full benefits of the treatment.


This powerful and targeted treatment acts in depth. The transformation is felt instantly, as hair regains its strength and remains enhanced over a long period.


This last step protects the hair and prepares it for blow-drying or styling.

Thicker hair

Are you tired of your thinning hair? Do you dream of enhancing volume naturally? Then you have come to the right place! We have the solutions to give you the thickness and volume you want in record time, regardless of your hair type.

Longer hair

Do you want long thick tresses? A silky texture? Make your dream come true with our bonding and tape extensions made of the finest quality natural hair. For a natural look and perfectly protected hair.

Hair Loss

Have you experienced hair loss? Are there bald patches forming? Thanks to MicroLines, our innovative natural hair integration system, we can restore your old hair mass in less than two hours. Even better, our hair-loss treatment “Stop & Grow" strengthens your hair permanently.

CalligraphyCut_Logo_Farbe907 (1).png

Les avantages de Calligraphy Cut

Moins de fourches

Des cheveux plus volumineux

Plus de brillance

Des cheveux doux

byTun Men


Hairskeen: hair-loss solution for men

80 (2).png

Cosmecare group and Raphaël Perrier have created Hairskeen to meet your hair-thinning or hair-loss needs. Wearing a hair piece becomes much more than “getting your hair back”: it allows you to create a statement look. Let us help you fulfil your dream of dense and natural hair and a wide choice of trendy cuts.

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